Google Classroom

Dear Parents,

In order to assist online learning during school closure, your child will be using Google Classroom

To access his or her account, please do the following:

  1. Please click this link
  2. Click the blue box that says Goto Classroom
  3. Your child's username is the same as their iReady username + attached to it. The password will be their iReady username.


Example: My name is Jane Smith

My username is

My password is JS12345 (CAPITAL LETTERS)




If you need internet at home...

Altice USA is committed to helping schools and students stay connected during this unprecedented time. For households with K-12 and/or college students who may be displaced due to school closures and who do not currently have home internet access, we are offering our Altice Advantage 30 Mbps broadband solution for free for 60 days to any new customer household within our footprint.

Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, eligible households interested in this solution can call: (Whisper will be added – launch timing TBD)

866-200-9522 to enroll in Optimum region

888-633-0030 to enroll in Suddenlink region

Our aim with expanding this program is to help schools and students stay connected. The spirit of the expansion of this program is that no student should be denied service even if they don’t have funds on hand at the time of installation. Please assure the customer that the Field Tech will still install the customer with this service if they are in a pay in advance area and not able to pay the Field Tech at the time of installation.

Business Rules

Households with K-12 and/or college students who may be displaced due to school closures and who do not currently have home internet access

Customers eligible for Student AAI will self-identify

More Internet Resources

Please see below, options that may be available to you.

  • AlticeUSA is providing free internet service for all students for 60 days. Please call 866-200-9522 to enroll.
  • Comcast – Comcast is offering an internet essentials package for free. To sign up for a free internet essentials package for 60 days, applicants can simply visit There are also two dedicated phone numbers 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.
  • Spectrum – Beginning March 16, Spectrum is offering free internet for 60 days to households with K-12 or college students who don’t already have a Spectrum subscription. To enroll, call 1-844-488-8395.
  • Charter – Charter is offering free internet for 2 months. 1 (877) 906-9121
  • AT&T – AT&T COVID-19 response. AT&T will offer open hot-spots, unlimited data to existing customers, and $10/month plans to low-income families.
  • Sprint – Sprint is following the FCC agreement, providing unlimited data to existing customers, and, starting Tuesday, 3/17/2020, will allow all handsets to enable hot spots for 60 days at no extra charge.
  • T-Mobile – T-Mobile is following the FCC agreement, plus unlimited data to existing customers, and, coming soon, will allow all handsets to enable hot-spots for 60 days at no extra charge.

*Please note there is no affiliation or legal responsibility between the Dept of Education and these companies. Any concerns, please contact the company directly


Art with Ms. McAndrews
Class code:  6zoufgy


Computers with Ms. Pascarella
Kindergarten Class Code: jlpmtay
Grade 1 Class Code: kcliext
Grade 2 Class Code:  n24cit2
Grade 3 Class Code: rpx6zww
Grade 4 Class Code: 5pfuray
Grade 5 Class Code: 66wix4k


Dance with Ms. Provissiero
Kindergarten: nsy2c43
Grade 1 Class Code:  fbdsuyr
Grade 2 Class Code:  mav4aeb
Grade 3 Class Code: 6blcl7u
Grade 4 Class Code: 5qukd2g
Grade 5 Class Code: flp2xuj


Library with Ms. Wenger
PreK: 5j2bapc
Kindergarten: jb5wm5z
Grade 1 Class Code: iqhbp2x
Grade 2 Class Code:  k2oagdd
Grade 3 Class Code: jo6qg7z
Grade 5 Class Code: lgc3svb


Music with Ms. Cruz
Kindergarten Class Code: yzz6hoa
Grade 1 Class Code: 642uing
Grade 2 Class Code: lmt775u
Grade 3 Class Code: bugs2e5
Grade 4 Class Code: ueizrb2
Grade 5 Class Code: tywwwpo

Physical Education

P.E. with Mr. Rubenfeld
Kindergarten Class Code: ywutnjv
Grade 1 Class Codeqyqbuxd
Grade 2 Class Code:  4nqyovx
Grade 3 Class Code: dfqwybq
Grade 4 Class Code: htyjgoc
Grade 5 Class Code: f3rvow6

Physical Education II

P.E. – Ms. Mahnken
PreK Class Code: gxztjk2
Class Code: 3jwm6iz

Science 1

Science 1 – Ms. Elfie
Kindergarten Class Code: zwjmzc3
Grade 1 Class Code:  lkp3quf
Grade 2 Class Code:  pr7ix7p

Science 2

Science 2 – Ms. Kus
Grade 3 Class Code:  4gsr6cj
Grade 4 Class Code:  a4glv2r
Grade 5 Class Code: 5nlcbrd


ENL with Ms. Arteaga
1-225 : yjfsdoz
1-313: p676xml
1-111: uhhp7r4
K-228: 6vgubql
K-217: inly5tr
K-213: 4evhmf7


ENL with Ms. Richards
Class 319A: 6l0024j                                          
Grade 3A: yr3okxj
Grade 3B: tpetc6g


ENL with Ms. Benjamin
Grade 4B: mzbp35t
Grade 4A: Chszhb3
Grade 5B: 3urfotx
Grade 5A: saznugx